Sunday, 21 December 2014

blogmas 21 - black mirror, white christmas review

there's this tv series on channel 4 called black mirror. charlie brooker writes it. recently there was a christmas special. it was one of the best and most depressing things i have ever seen.

if you missed it you can still catch it on 4od. it was pretty amazing. jon hamm from mad men (which i've never seen, but he's always jon hamm from mad men) is in it, and rafe spall who was in that rom-com with the mentalist. and nymphadora tonks is in it too. it's kind of like the twilight zone movie, where there are like three stories within a framing story. as with all those things some of he stories are better than others but the way they're tied together works really well. there's stuff about social media and artificial intelligence in there, but the central conceit is that in the future you will be able to block people like you do in twitter in real life. this idea isn't just a gimmick to hang a story on, it becomes central to the story itself and leads to a truly horrifying and very miserable ending. so yeah, if you want to feel really depressed this christmas and at the same time inspired and uplifted by the fact that a christmas special this amazing actually exists in the world, then check it out.

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