Sunday, 1 February 2015


i saw birdman.

it was good. really good actually. i found i enjoyed it more than i thought i would, which surprised me as it was quite arty. i feel a bit guilty as i only really wanted to see it because of michael keaton (my favourite batman even though those movies are like really old). the similarities are quite obvious between him having played batman, and his character having once played birdman. as keaton tries to set up his new credible career on stage, the film tears apart what we class as "good" and "worthwhile" film and theatre, making you feel guilty about liking certain types of films or shows. however by the end it comes back around, settling on an idea that as long as you're making SOMETHING. that's all that counts. at least that what i think it meant, it all goes a bit meta in the middle. especially as you realise the only reason your're watching the film is because michael keaton was batman. if it was, say jeff goldblum in the lead, it would have been a completely different experience. i'd still probably go though, jeff joldblum rocks.

also it has an awesome jazzy drum soundtrack that sets the manic tone perfectly.


  1. I enjoyed the movie as well. I especially liked the editing and how they made it feel like one long continuous shot. I think Keaton did an amazing job, not only at portraying an actor typecast in a role, but also as a victim of depression, unable to change his life and find happiness.

  2. the editing was amazing, really impressive! thanks for reading!