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paz vs youtube - part four - bianca allaine

so i am planning to start my own youtube channel later this year but i have lots of questions about how to do it and what to make videos about. i thought it might be useful to ask other youtubers these questions and then i thought everyone else might be interested in the answers too. so far i've interviewed morgan gleave, amber goluckie and iamGeorgeTown. my fourth interview is with actor and horror host bianca allaine.

bianca has starred in a number of horror movies including albino farm, which we talk about below. she also has her own youtube channel where she posts reviews of horror movies. if you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know i'm a huge horror fan and used to consider myself something of an expert on the genre. after watching bianca's videos i've realised i have a bit more work to do before i can really call myself an expert. i'd never heard of half the movies she's reviewed, but watching her videos it's clear these are movies that should be in my collection. what's also great about her videos is seeing an actor review films because she brings an energy to her reviews that you don't often get from horror fans. here's what bianca had to say about her channel...

what made you decide to start your own youtube channel?

I started my Youtube Channel so that I could showcase my vidcast, Watch These Films with Bianca Barnett (though, now I go by Bianca Allaine). Originally, the show was hosted on a website called The Horror Palace, but that site is now sadly defunct. I am still looking for a website, or websites, that would like to host my show for the next season, but I will definitely keep it on Youtube as well.

how would you describe your videos?

The first season of the show was very experimental. Honestly, it has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had working on camera. I think it is because I can be silly and just have fun. I grew up loving shows like Mystery Science 3000 and Elvira’s Macabre Theater, so my show is a tribute to those great works.

what type of camera do you use and what do you edit on?

My husband edits the episode by splicing portions of the video in with my dialogue. Sometimes it is planned in advance and other times he completely surprises me. We had so much fun watching the episodes together, just cracking each other up. I think the fact that we are both having a great time making the show really shows and it might be the reason people like the show.

this isn't specifically to do with your channel, but as a horror fan i have to ask - how long were you in the make-up chair for the character you played in albino farm? it looked insane!

It was insane!!! I think I was in the chair for about four hours each time, but it really depended on what shots they needed of me as Pig Bitch. To get ready for her close up, it took four or more hours and the makeup stayed on for 12 to 15 hours at a time. It weighed at least 5 pounds and took over 30 minutes to remove each day. It was a tough shoot, but really worth it!

your movie reviews seem to target really specific areas within the horror genre e.g. heavy metal horror films. was this a conscious decision to review something different from the movies everyone else was already talking about?

It was a conscious decision but honestly, it just melded two of my favorite things. I am a huge fan of heavy metal- everything from thrash metal to glam- and of course, I love horror flicks! The next season will highlight cult films but I plan on branching out into modern indie films and other genres. I would also like to interview film makers and other artists.

i consider myself to be pretty clued up on horror, but i hadn't heard of at least half the films you've reviewed. how do you track these films down? and are most of them available on dvd or are they on vhs?

I think some were available through Netflix. But, I had actually seen some before because hunting down obscure horror and cult films is a hobby of mine! I am pretty sure that all of the films are available on VHS and DVD, but I bet some can be found on Youtube!

one movie you reviewed i have seen is hard rock zombies. i'm kind of obsessed with that movie, i mean what were these people thinking when they walked onto set everyday? have you ever had any contact or feedback from anyone involved with any of the movies you've reviewed? 

First, let me state that I am completely obsessed with Hard Rock Zombies, too! I hope that they had fun making the film. The coolest feedback I have had so far was from one of the writers of Frankenhooker, Robert Martin, who contacted me after he saw the review and loved it! I was on cloud nine and so flattered. I really can’t explain how great that was!

i have to interject here to say if you haven't seen hard rock zombies you should do so immediately. if you're not already convinced, it's a movie where this happens -

following on from that, i would love to get the inside scoop on the more obscure horror movies. have you thought about expanding into doing interviews with horror filmmakers and actors?

Definitely! I want to expand to different genres of film, as well!

what do you think of the contemporary horror scene? have you seen anything that impressed you recently?

I think it is really hit or miss. There are so many films being made, but only a few are really worth watching. Some recent flicks that I saw and loved are The Babadook and the WUNF Halloween Special.

do you have any advice for youtubers just starting out?

Keep going for it and don’t let anything hold you back. The world needs more creativity and there is a market for everything out there, really.

can you recommend an unsung piece of art (book, film, videogame - whatever) you love that people may not have heard of?

Yes! My husband directed a film called Web of Deceit which stars me. It is a psycho-sexual thriller and really twisted. We plan on making more films together in the near future.

what can we expect from your channel in 2015?

The second season of Watch These Films and a new experimental comedy skit show that I producing with my husband!

can you nominate a fellow youtuber for my next interview?

Yes! Please check out my friend, the film maker Mark Colegrove and his company, Dire Wit Films

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thanks to bianca for taking the time to answer my questions!

if you have your own youtube channel and would like to be interviewed you can e-mail me at pazvsstuff[at] or find me on twitter @pazvsstuff

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