Saturday, 25 April 2015

the age of adaline - soundtrack review

the age of adaline is a kind of epic fantasy romance about a woman who never grows older than 29. and she's not a vampire. or a highlander.

the score is by rob simonsen who previously worked on things like the dollhouse tv series (which i always thought was underrated), (500) days of summer (awesome) and seeking a friend for the end of the world (keira knightley's best film?). at first glance it seems like an eclectic filmography but at the same time there is a common thread in that many of the projects he has chosen to work on are films that have a basis in reality but have a fantasy element as well. simonsen excels at capturing the sound of magic realism, and the score to the age of adaline is perfect example of this.

from the opening track, "adaline bowman", simonsen sets a tone that's somewhere between serious drama and epic fantasy. as the choral arrangement swells towards the end of this track we are given a sense that anything can happen in the world of the story. there is a definite sense of wonder here, notably in tracks like "january 1st, 1908" and "first resurrection". at the same time his more dramatic compositions, such as "twisted around the truth" and "no more running", work really well too and inject a feeling of urgency and severity to the atmosphere. there are shades of philip glass' score for the hours here and it certainly captures that same sense of the magnificent in the ordinary. the soundtrack ends with an upbeat and rather beautiful song by simonsen and faux fix with vocals by elena tonra that really sums up the experience.

overall, this is a really inspiring and at times truly beautiful soundtrack that really captures the sense of a real world in which magic can happen. i listened to it whilst walking the streets of brighton on my lunchbreak and it certainly made a familiar route seem much more exciting than it is in reality.

the soundtrack album for age of adaline will be released at the same time as the score. it mixes a number of artists and genres, from bob dylan and jefferson airplane to jazz great dexter gordon and more contemporary artists like little joy. this cocktail of artists and genres works in much the same way as the contrasting themes in simonsen's score and the two albums complement each other very well.

the age of adaline – original motion picture soundtrack is available now digitally and on cd may 12th, 2015.

the age of adaline – original motion picture soundtrack will be available april 28th and on CD May 19th, 2015. 

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