Sunday, 6 December 2015

a girl walks home alone at night

it's late, i've just finished a five hour drive in the rain, i have a billion things to do before i go to bed, but i have to write something about this film.

so it's about this ghost town that could be in america and could be in iran - it's like it's set in neither country and both of them at the same time and it doesn't matter. and there's this hipster/emo vampire on a skateboard who torments the people living there, apart from this one guy. there's not too much plot, it's one of those films that's full of silences and long, lingering shots of empty streets and forlorn faces. it's the kind of film my brother jack despises, and yet he insisted i watch it this weekend because he figured i'd be into it.

he was right. i loved it.

like most vampire stories it's about addiction, but it's more complicated that. ultimately it's about wanting to do the things that you know will hurt, and then doing them anyway. it's about ruined lives, and people escaping ruined lives. it's about decay and the end of everything. it's about a million more things that i've been thinking about all day and don't have time to write about here.

also, the soundtrack is amazing.

and the actors are great.

and ana lily amirpour is a genius. i hope she makes more films.

you should see it, if you haven't already. it's really good.

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