Thursday, 2 October 2014


so i'm still new to this and haven't quite thought it all through. i set myself a rule when i started - that for every movie i watched or comic book i read or videogame i played since starting the blog I would write a review. i also set another rule, because i'm tired of everyone using the internet to bash things they dislike. i decided i would only write about things i like, because i mostly ignore negative reviews but will always take recommendations. and because there are enough people hating on stuff already. this was okay, because the last few films i've watched or albums i've listened to have been pretty good. until last night.

i picked up this movie called chill in a pound shop, because it had a smart cover and starrred ashley laurence who was in hellraiser. also it's based on cool air, the lovecraft story that was also adapted as part of that necronomicon anthology film. had to be okay, right?

it was pretty bad. there was good stuff in there, i even made a list, but i couldn't face potentially recommending something this shoddy. i also don't want to write a long, ranty blog about something i didn't enjoy all that much. so here's a new rule.

if i see something i don't like i'm not going to review it, but i will post a blog. i'll just write about something else instead. maybe something about me.

i live in brighton. it's my favourite place in the world. i moved here to go to uni but i decided to stay afterwards. i mean, it wasn't much of a decision. there's so much going on here. you don't have to walk far in town before you see someone doing something creative or weird or both. living here feels like exciting things could happen every time you walk out of your front door. and a lot of times, they do.

i have a very dull job, which i'll try not to talk about here too much. i got myself into quite a bit of debt while i was a student, like most students i suppose, but i really went for it. so i have to work, and the first work i found is this job i'm in now and it sucks but i need it. i could/should probably find something different but i never have the time, you know, i work 9 to 5, sometimes evenings and weekends too, so when i get home i just want to watch movies, not trawl websites looking for a marginally better job than i have now. anyway, the people there are okay, which is good cos most of my uni friends moved away after they finished. i go out a lot, which is the other reason i never have any money. this is turning into a downer, how did i get onto this?

oh yeah, so brighton's amazing and totally worth having a crappy job to pay to live here. there's this kevin smith movie coming out, tusk, and it's all based on this ad posted on gumtree by this brighton poet dude chris parkinson who put it up as a hoax. there's a whole history to this which you can find if you google it, but basically i was on my lunch break one day and i'm listening to kevin smith's podcast where he's talking about this ad and basically coming up with the idea for the movie, and the ad is all about an old guy living in a house overlooking queens park who wants a lodger he can dress up as a walrus (seriously, google it). so i'm listening to this and i think 'i've never been to queens park' but it's near where i work so i head over there. and suddenly i'm standing in this beautiful park lined with creepy old houses listening to kevin smith and scott mosier talking about a movie idea based on a guy who lives there (kind of, he changed the setting to canada but at the time i really thought i was standing on a future kevin smith movie location). i'm not sure where this is going, but i suppose what i'm trying to say is brighton is the kind of place where things like that happen. it feels like there are exciting possibilites around every corner, and that's why i choose to live here.

i've probably rambled on too much, and this most likely isn't interesting for anyone, but i'll stick to the rules. everytime i have to review something i didn't like i'll write about myself instead.

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