Tuesday, 7 October 2014

looking for jj by anne cassidy

a friend told me i had to read this ages ago but i only just got around to it.  i love a good thriller so i thought this would be right up my street, and i did really like it but it wasn’t what i expected.  basically you start reading this book and you know the main character, in her late teens, is somehow connected to the murder of a child several years ago.  you find out pretty early on that she was the killer.  it’s all been in the papers because the killer has recently been released under a new identity, and of course there are people out to try and find her.  you get alice’s new life and the story of what led jennifer jones to kill someone when she was ten told in parallel.  it’s a really powerful story with lots of interesting ideas about guilt and punishment, and why children do things so horrible we just can’t imagine.  i suppose i thought it would be more about tracking alice down and revealing her identity, but it was more about how she dealt with her new life in the present and her life in the past.  really thought-provoking and pretty dark – which isn’t that surprising when you think about the subject matter but i read a lot of ya fiction – did i say it’s ya? – and i guess a lot of what i’ve read recently has been a bit, er, fluffier.  i didn’t love it while i was reading it but i finished it like a week ago and I keep thinking about it.  so i guess ‘haunting’ would be the word.  i’ve just found out there’s a sequel and i’ll definitely be giving it a try.

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