Friday, 26 June 2015

scroobius pip - words

i've been listening to a lot of scroobius pip recently, mostly on his podcast (which is amazing) but also his albums with dan le sac. i've never seen him live so i did the next best thing; i downloaded his edinburgh performance.

this isn’t a review really, more of just a recommendation. i’m not going to go into great analytical detail on the poems in this performance, i mean i struggle enough to make it look like i know a little bit about films, so i’ve got no chance with poetry. i just wanted to suggest you check this out because i thought it was pretty amazing. you can download it off of his website for a fiver (or buy the dvd) and it’s well worth it.

for the unenlightened, scroobius pip does a lot of things, including a very successful podcast and amazing music with videos like this one –

even standing in on a stage alone reading poetry he reveals himself to be more than a spoken word artist. there are jokes between the poems, which are a welcome reprieve from what is often quite dark subject matter. there are theatrics too, some obvious like costume changes to denote a change of character, to more subtle staging tricks that even someone like derren brown would be impressed with. the poems are mostly about death and sometimes unrequited love and religion, but mostly death, and yet the whole performance is somehow life-affirming. it made me unexpectedly happy, and made me wish i’d been there.

you should check it out. you can get it here.

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