Thursday, 4 June 2015

the strange colour of your body's tears

i'm not really sure what i just watched.

the strange colour of your body's tears is kind of a surreal thriller about a guy looking for his wife, and then many fucked up things happen to him. there's weird shit going on in the building he lives in, there are several women doing odd things who could all be the same woman, there are doppelgangers and a gloved killer who is sometimes several gloved killers. there's everything, happening all at once on the same screen. it's quite violent, but also creepy at times. it's very odd but never loses it's coherence. it's kind of amazing.

i feel like reviewing the strange colour of your body's tears won't do it any real justice. i should just post pictures, like this one -

and also this happens -

and there's a lot of this -

i mean, i could start talking about argento and bava and namecheck a few dozen giallos, but i feel like that's kind of doing it a disservice. there's something more going on here, and it's about paranoia and sex and isolation and suppressed memory. oddly, i found this film easier to relate to than anything else i've watched so far this year. that worries me a bit.

anyway, it's late, i feel like this film did something weird to my brain, you should probably just watch it.

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