Monday, 11 January 2016

everything right with the dark knight rises...

i love all the nolan batman movies, particularly the last one. i think the dark knight rises is one of the most interesting and exciting films ever made. i know not everyone agrees, so i made this video to explain why i'm right and everyone else is wrong.

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bruce wayne - george reece


the joker - ed stockham


bane - scott tumilty


music by daniel dolby


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used with permission


  1. The Dark Knight rises is the more symbolic of the trilogy, I agree on what you said for the most part, as a moviegoer you can consider that as a plot hole. In the end it's a superhero movie, that's why MOST people consider it to be a good flawed movie.

  2. The Nolan Batman films are the gold standard. This one is a fine finish for the trilogy. Really one of the few third acts that truly rocks!