Thursday 21 January 2016

found footage horror blogathon...

i love found footage horror movies. i know there are too many of them and the majority of them aren't great, but that's true of all horror films. and like all horror films, the good found footage films are truly amazing. lake mungo, for example, is possibly the scariest film i've seen in recent years and the one i most often recommend to people. i love the classics too; i think blair witch project and paranormal activity are really impressive pieces of work. what makes the good ones standout is that the filmmakers actually work really hard to make it look like they didn't work really hard. i mean there was clearly a lot of time and effort put into the execution and the performances in those films, and in many ways i think they're possibly harder to produce than their big budget counterparts.

anyway, the point of all this is that i have amassed a small collection of found footage horror movies that i haven't had time to watch yet -

there are even more that have been released on v.o.d. recently that i'd really like to see. so i thought rather than locking myself away for a week while i watch endless hours of shaky cameras and characters asking each other 'why are you still filming this?' i would share the experience. i'm going to list the films i'm planning on watching below. my aim is to get through these before the end of february. i'll post a mini review of each film and you can follow me on twitter for my live thoughts (@pazvsstuff).

in addition, if you have a blog or a youtube channel or any other internet thing that you use to share your views on stuff, you too can post your thoughts on found footage horror movies. you could review one of the films listed below, or talk about your thoughts on the genre in general or even just talk about how much i'm wasting my time for attempting something like this. send me the links to anything you post and i'll share them at the time and list them all here once it's over. or tweet me with the tag #foundfootageblogathon

who's with me?




  1. If you feel like checking it out, my friend does a horror podcast at Pretty cool stuff. I know they've reviewed The Gallows and Unfriended. I remember them saying some pretty terrible things about The Gallows, haha. Also, is that Skinwalkers (2006)? If so, I'm pretty sure that's not found footage. It's a little action/horror about a werewolf biker gang. :)

  2. cool, i'll have a listen to that! i keep hearing awful things about the gallows, but being a bit of a masochist when it comes to films that actually makes me look forward to it more! skinwalkers is a 2013 alien abduction movie, also called skinwalker ranch. i have seen the werewolf one, remember it being okay but not brilliant.

  3. Hello, foundfootage looks like an interesting project - I feel slightly out of place ( I do a blog on oddities and such, mostly space trivia , but you have convinced me to start publishing my old horrorfilm ramblings. I changed permissions so you can read - it's not complete, and it's mostly my own thoughts on old grue, but hey - gore is timeless, no? Without further ado, Link -

    1. hi, i clicked the link but it said i don't have permission?

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  5. @RockHollywood Skinwalker Ranch (2013)

    Feel free to comment on anything you watch on the approrprate movie page on And don't forget to check out our FoundFootageFiles podcast

    Michael (aka @FoundFootageFan on Twitter)