Sunday, 2 November 2014


horns. its a bit like harry potter woke up one day and decided "fuck it. let someone else deal with ralph fienes, I'm going to join slitherin and be a badass". so the film follows ig who has been accused of killing his girlfriend. a year after her death he wakes up with horns that give him the power to hear what people really think, and look into their darkest secrets. after a few random encounters ig decides to use his new power to find out who really killed his girlfriend.

overall its cool seeing the boy wizard in a darker role. he plays the anti hero well, with a pretty convincing american accent. the horn effects were cool and although a bit on the grim side, i was happy to follow the story along on his crazy, twisting and turning mission, to reach its goal. it's quite a depressing tale though, told through a fluid timeline as ig learns the truth through human contact.

directed by alexandre aja, director of the fucked up switchblade romance (high tension to the rest of the world), he does a good job of bringing quite a twisted narrative to life. at no point did i lose interest, a definite highlight being a trippy sequence in the second half.

although not quite a complex thriller, nor psychological horror, it is different. i can recommend it to anyone wanting something slightly different than the usual slashy affair.

plus horns make harry potter look awesome

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