Thursday, 20 November 2014

lit at the haunt, brighton

just a quick one. last night i saw lit at the haunt in brighton. you may remember them from years ago when they had a hit my own worst enemy. this was just before the uk had a brief affair with pop-punk and nu-metal and mtv started to show some decent music. i was a kid at the time and they were one of the first bands i really liked. it's been 15 years since a place in the sun was released and lit had decided to tour to celebrate this.

what a night. it was loud, bright and sweaty fun. they blitzed straight through the album, start to finish, and I was happily surprised that they also managed to squeeze in a few other songs closing with over my head as used in the unappreciated sci-fi cartoon titan ae (fun fact - when released, this cartoon bankrupted fox animation).

back to lit. 15 years on their songs definitely hold up, and even played live, sound perfect as though straight off the album. the guys look a little older, wiser maybe, but not to the point of it all being a bit embarrassing. I think they've definitely got a couple more album left in them.

a great night.

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