Tuesday, 11 November 2014

laura moody - acrobats

acrobats is the debut album from one-woman singer/cellist laura moody. i'll say this up front - this is the best fucking album i've heard all year and certainly the most original. check this out -

i think memento is probably one of my favourite tracks. it's really sad and beautiful at the same time. i listen to a lot of music on the way to work or when i'm writing blogs and stuff, so i'm not always paying all that much attention, like sometimes it's just background noise. but every time that song comes on i find myself stopping and listening to the whole thing. it's amazing.

the whole album is amazing and beautiful and sad. if you've read any of my previous music reviews you know i'm not that great at talking about music. i know what i like, i just never really know how to put it into words. i listened to the track we are waiting on a loop when i first got the album and on the third play i was in tears. i don't know what that's about. i don't know how to explain what this music does to me. i just know it's good.

i can give you facts. all the songs are performed by laura moody and a cello. she has an amazing voice and sometimes she makes crazy noises with it. that's the thing, i know what a cello sounds like and i know what someone singing sounds like but laura's sound is so unlike anything i've ever heard before. the closest artist is probably zoe keating, if zoe keating also sung on her albums. but that doesn't do it justice.

what i'm saying is you should go and buy this album. it's on spotify, but really you should go buy it from the official website. then you should tell everyone you know about it, because this is an artist worth supporting and talking about.

oh, and check out this awesome video -

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