Thursday, 20 November 2014

what i've learnt from 3 months of blogging

can you believe it's been three months? probably you can. i can't. it's gone really quickly and i thought i'd have time to write loads more than i have.

here's what i've learnt -

- i like writing about films, particularly horror. i like having a reason to watch more horror films.

- i like writing about short films too, and i like interacting with filmmakers.

- i'm shit at writing about music. i love music, i listen to a lot of music, i go to gigs, but i don't have the vocabulary to write about it. i get stuck and just want to say stuff is awesome over and over again. i'll continue to post music reviews if i think it's music that demands attention (like the laura moody album - see my last post and check out her album if you haven't already) but i might not review so many random albums anymore.

- i don't have time to play videogames so even though i'd love to review more it's unlikely to happen all that often. i started arkham origins on monday night and i'm not sure i've even clocked up an hour yet, so it doesn't seem fair posting my thoughts at this point.

- i watch a lot of youtube. i'm starting to think i'd rather be vlogging than blogging. it is something i want to do someday, i'm just not sure i can yet for reasons too boring to list here. mostly i don't know how to do it. what camera to use, what to edit on, what to make videos's a bit of a mystery to me. so i had an idea. i thought i'd ask.

i'm going to start interviewing youtibers. i'm sure this isn't a new thing, but i certainly feel like i need to know a lot more and i think this could be a really interesting project. i have a couple of interviews lined up already and i'm hoping each interviewee will be able to recommend another channel, so it evolves in an organic way rather than being directed by me. having said that, if you have your own youtube channel or know someone who does feel free to get in touch.

you can e-mail me at pazvsstuff[at] or find me on twitter @pazvstuff

first interview to follow soon...

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