Saturday, 27 September 2014


i feel like i'm growing up, which feels odd to say when the thing that made me think it is a disney film. i was never into disney films as a kid. i couldn't deal with all the fucking singing and anthropomorphised toilet brushes. but i'd heard a lot about frozen and don't like feeling like i'm missing out on some phemonenon or other so thought i'd check it out. loved it. so in case you haven't seen it, there's this princess with mad ice skills and her sister who doesn't have any skills apart from being nice and a bit sassy, and the ice princess loses her shit and turns the whole country to ice so her sister has to sort it out. and there's a prince and another dude and a talking snowman. everyone sings a lot, but it's like old school muscial singing where the characters can't express themselves through words so they have to sing how they're feeling. i can be down with that. the songs are really good too. it's all really good. it's like even if you're not a fan of disney musicals, and i'm not, this is the perfect version of that genre so even if you're not enjoying it, and i was, you can't help but appreciate how fucking perfectly crafted it all is. it's funny too; there are some really good gags in there and it's hard to make me laugh at things in kids films. then to top it all off, there's this badass feminist ending, which i won't spoil just in case but like everything else it's perfect. i cried, obviously. i cry at a lot of things. i'm sure i'm late to the party but go see it if you haven't already. it's like the citizen kane of disney films.

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