Tuesday, 23 September 2014


found this on bandcamp. i'm not the biggest blackmetal fan in the world but this is amazing. first of all there's no band, just one woman, which i didn't know from listening to it. secondly, i expected the usual dark, repeating riffs and screeching vocals and that's all present and correct, but that's not what you hear first. most of the tracks open with these haunting vocals that really draw you in and create an atmosphere. there's a mystery to it, only added to by the music video for nattens barn which deliberately conceals the face of the singer (don't do what i did and google it because turns out her identity isn't a big secret anymore - mystery ruined). it has a sinister feel to it as well, like it was made by actual witches. anyway, the self-titled ep is on bandcamp, you should go listen to it, it's really good and very different. here's the video...

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