Saturday, 27 September 2014

most haunted

i'm slightly obsessed with the new series of most haunted right now. it's amazing. i used to watch repeats of old episodes and i always thought it was dumb. nothing ever happened until the psychic dude came in and got 'possessed'. but now it's gone crazy. shit gets thrown everywhere, the crew randomly collapse, there are voices and endless bangs and knocks, and a chair moved. a fucking chair moved! on camera. it's like the ghosts decided that they were being outdone by those american shows like ghost adventures where shit happens all the time so they decided to up their game. but the best thing about the new series us the skeptic, dr john callow. i wasn't sure about him at first. he's always wearing the same clothes in the same shot so they clearly locked him in an editing room and made him watch the whole series back to back and then demanded his cynical comments. but his comments aren't that cynical. he basically says the same thing every time, that if you go into a spooky building and switch all the lights off and you're looking for ghosts you will believe every noise or movement is a ghost. but actually, that is all you really need to say. it's funny, i don't believe in ghosts but i like buying into the fact that they're real, just for the duration of most haunted. then dr john callow comes on and reminds me it's all nonsene. i think i'm a little bit in love with him. he seems to get a lot of shit online and it's not fair. they should take him on a haunt, i think he'd be cool on location. he has a website, I'm thinking of writing to him, to show him he has an actual fan. he'd like that, wouldn't he? maybe not. i'm probably not going to write to him. probably.

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