Tuesday, 23 September 2014

time crimes

time crimes gets time travel right by keeping it contained. it reminded me a lot of primer. there's a guy who through a bizarre set of circumstances ends up travelling back in time to a few hours previously. he then finds himself orchestrating the same bizarre set of circumstances to ensure he doesn't mess up his future. the whole thing becomes an allegory for how some mistakes can't be fixed, and how sometimes shit happens and you just have to deal. it's very clever in the way it's put together, and the lead actor does a great job at being sympathetic despite the fact that he makes some awful choices. he also spends half the film with bandages over his face looking like darkman, which is awesome. it all feels more realistic than most time travel films because it's so small scale - the whole adventure takes place in two houses and in a nearby forest. at the same time it feels super-complicated and makes your head hurt thinking about how it works, which is what all good time travel films should do.

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