Sunday, 21 September 2014

urban ghost story

found this in a charity shop in bristol, thought it looked interesting. it kind of is. it's about this teenage girl living in a council flat in glasgow who thinks her family is being haunted. the usual stuff happens with séances and scientists and scenes form poltergeist. what makes this different is that it's about a low income family and the 'haunting' seems to represent a few different things. all the characters seem to be haunted by their past in one form or another, and it takes coming to terms with their actions that eventually gets rid of the ghost, rather than an exorcism or anything like that. this is okay, but i would've liked more ghost stuff. the urban realism stuff was a bit heavy handed in places and the ghost stuff never seemed to escalate, everything felt like it was on the same level from start to finish. it was a bit different, though, so gets points for that. also jason connery, son of sean, actually does a pretty good job as a journalist trying to help the family, although he might just stand out cos he's the only character with a real arc.

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