Saturday, 20 September 2014


it was coming up to midnight so i decided to watch something french and weird. livid did not disappoint. probably the most messed up movie i've seen in a long time. it's hard to review without giving too much away. there's an old woman in a coma in an old house and her young care worker finds out she may have her fortune hidden away somewhere. so she and her two friends break into the house at night to steal the old woman's money. except what they find inside the messed up. there's a really slow build-up so by the time they break into the house, about halfway through, i was already on edge. you know something bad is going to happen to them, but what actually happens is lots of very unexpected somethings. there are moments of extreme, ridiculous gore, contrasted with surreal, creepy set pieces and some really moving sequences too. every time i thought i knew what was coming the story changed direction and something else happened instead. really inventive too. definitely worth checking out. i'm a little afraid of switching the lights off now...

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